Welcome to our fun page of futuristic roles!

Humans have always wondered what the future will hold, and have tried to imagine how we will live (and thrive) as technology progresses. What's more we are often amused when looking back at things like flying cars in Blade Runner, life on Mars in Total Recall, and intergalactic space travel at warp speed in Star Trek.
Then again some things actually do become real, such as doors that open 'automagically' when you approach (again from Star Trek), and targeted, personalized advertising as first shown in Minority Report.
At Skills Copilot, we are children of the 1970s & 1980s — this wonderment is deep in our psyche! To scratch this itch, we love nothing more than asking our own artificial intelligence system to imagine roles of the future for us...
Remember that these are just for fun, but we hope you find them interesting, useful, or even amusing.
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Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Digital Currency Advisor
Cyber Judge
Artificial Intelligence Litigator
AR/VR Journey Builder
Drone Traffic Optimizer
Data Ninja

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